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Successfully getting started with customer feedback!

How valuable would it be for your organization to know how a customer experiences your services? How valuable would it be for your organization to know how to bind your customer to you even more? Many organizations collect feedback from their customers for these exact reasons.

Getting started with the feedback

Collecting customer feedback is the first step, however, getting started with this feedback requires a focused effort. How does the organization deal with the follow-up on customer feedback? And how will you be sure that the follow-up becomes part of the daily routine without having to invest too much extra time in this?

The “Customer Feedback Specialist” training program is an essential step in reaching a successful follow-up on customer feedback. This training program provides tools to follow up on customer feedback correctly. In fact, by following this training program, the follow-up on customer feedback will become an essential part of your successful way of working.

Whom is this training program for?

This training program is meant for anyone who wants to become successful in the follow-up on customer feedback based on the NPS® method. It does not matter which platform or system is used for the NPS® research, as long as you are enthusiastic about following up on feedback. And why would you not be enthusiastic about it, when realizing what it will bring you?

What it will offer you:

  • Being able to improve the customer experience.
  • Input for improving products, procedures and processes of the organization.
  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers.
  • Retain customers who would otherwise have left.
  • Creating positive comments and images about the organization in the market.
  • Higher level of enthusiasm which will attract new customers.

We will do this by:

Teaching you what customer feedback will provide you.

Teaching you how to get from theory to feedback according to the NPS® method.

Teaching you how to analyze customer feedback.

Teaching you how to follow up on customer feedback. 

Sharing tips and advice on how to engage in the customer feedback conversation.

Start the course!

Each module starts with a short animation video in which the learning objectives and the subject of the module are illustrated. At the end of each module you have to answer a few questions before you can continue with the next module. The e-learning will finish with a final exam. When you successfully completed the exam, you will receive the certificate of “Succesfully getting started with customer feedback.”