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Achieving success with employee feedback!

Together, enthusiastic, loyal and committed employees can ensure that the best quality service is delivered and that customers will come back to your organisation in the future. It all sounds so logical and simple. But how do you achieve this as an organisation? How do you make sure that your employees are “really” enthusiastic, loyal and committed?

Get started with feedback

In order to answer this last question, many organisations ask for feedback from their employees. This is great as an initial step, but you will need to do more in order to realise the optimal employee experience. You need to get started with employee feedback!

It may sound simple but in practice, it can turn out to be complicated. A lot of supervisors fail to follow up on employee feedback properly. As a result, the desired objectives are not achieved, and employees even become frustrated and demotivated. Without the proper follow-up, obtaining feedback can do your organisation more harm than good. 

This training programme on “Achieving success with employee feedback” represents an essential step in the process of following up on employee feedback successfully.

Who is this training programme for?

This training programme is intended for board members, management and supervisors who want to achieve success with employee feedback based on the eNPS® (Employee Net Promoter Score) method. It doesn’t matter which system or platform is used for the eNPS® survey as long as you just want to get the best out of employees by following up on feedback.

What are the benefits of following up properly?

  • Improved employee experience
  • Employees who are more empowered 
  • Improved communication and collaboration within the organisation 
  • Enhanced relationship with your employees 
  • Retention of employees who would otherwise have gone elsewhere 
  • Positive comments in the market regarding your organisation 
  • Customers more enthusiastic due to employees being more enthusiastic

What are we going to teach you? 

We are going to teach you why it is important to obtain employee feedback and follow up on it.

We are going to teach you about the theory behind the eNPS® method.

We are going to teach you how to analyse employee feedback.

We are going to teach you the best way to follow up on employee feedback.

We will share tips on the best way to talk to employees about employee feedback.

We will provide you with an action plan to get you started.

Start the course

Each module starts with a short, animated video which explains the learning objectives and the subject of the module. At the end of each module, you will have to answer a number of questions before you can go on to the next module. At the end of the e-learning course, you will take a test. If you pass that test, you will receive an “Achieving success with employee feedback” certificate.